Commitment of the master Blended tea tastes better.

The commitment of tea masters begin with finding best materials. With their 5 senses they check place of origin, breed of course, but also steaming conditions of raw leaves, taste, flavor, color of water, shining of leaves, twisting of leaves, etc. Leaves are heated as follows. Raw finish for the original tea taste or selecting the best heating temperature for the best out of the tea leaves.

Masters’ excellent smelling sense plays the essential role. Final step is blending the tea leaves Depending on steaming, heating, breed, finishing teas, tea leaves are blended as leading, siding and foil. Flavor, taste, melting inside mouth, color of water, feels when tea goes through throat and afterglow. Finishing all products for enjoyment requires a profound work.

The Tea MasterFusao Maeda

The Tea Master safeguarding the 100 year tradition opens and challenges the new door for Japanese tea.

  • ●8th Dan in testing and tasting the tea and National Champion
  • ●Champion in Best Tea Connoisseur TV program
  • ●Champion in Japan Instruction Contest
  • ●Awarded Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Prize The 3rd Head of a Tea Producer and Wholesaler
  • ●Wrote “What is Japanese Tea Instructor?”



Space for blending taste, fragrance and peace

Versatile kinds of tea and our proud sweets, hand made cookies and cake, are available on 1st floor.

In the eating space on the 2nd floor you can enjoy the sweets you purchased on the 1st floor together with 11 kinds of tea provided free of charge.

Natural rays in eating space on the 2nd floor
Natural rays in eating space on the 2nd floor
In self-serving tea tasting area 11 kinds of tea are available.
In self-serving tea tasting area 11 kinds of tea are available.
Please contact our staff any time
Please contact our staff any time
Shop space on the 1st floor
Shop space on the 1st floor
Address Dodayu-cho 27, Aoi Ward, Shizuoka City, 420-0018, Shizuoka Pref.MAP
Telephone 054-252-2476
Open [Week days] 9:30 – 18:00 [Sundays and nationa holidays] 10:00 – 17:00
Shop Holidays Wednesday
Open until Dec. 31 in year end. Certain days closed in new years
Opening hours of eating area on the 2nd floor Shop opening to 17:00 (Drinks are all self-serving)
Number of seats 22 seats(Seating on floor4×2 seats, Table and chair 4×2 seats)
No smoking in the area
Parking lot 5 cars


Access Car  About 4km from the Tomei Highway Shizuoka Interchange(IC).

Access Train  Get off at Shizuoka station. After that go straight up Gofukucho St. from the north exit of Shizuoka Station. It takes 20min on foot.

Access Bus  Shizuoka Station platform8A(in front of the north Exit)

Take Bus #120: Inomiya Line. Get off at the Kousei Hospital stop. After that cross the main road and 100m from the next signal,our shop is on the left-hand side.

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